Our Team

With more than 15 years of experience in Marketing, Advertising, Promotions, Public Relations, Grassroots Marketing, Grant Writing, Sponsorship/Donations, Community Outreach, Logistics and Strategic Planning, MGWWI offers an array of services to your business through an Integrated Marketing and Holistic thinking approach at competitive pricing. We pride ourselves on being effective, efficient and professional with all projects and clients.

MGWWIoperates on the premise of “doing it right the first time”. We pride ourselves in providing quality, efficient and financially reasonable service to our clients. The collective body of the support team and advisory board has over 20 years of event management, marketing, logistical and strategic planning experience. What we lack as a business, we rely on nurtured relationships (vendors and partners) to ensure the success of services produced. We partner with local and national vendors, suppliers, contractors and the like to provide service and products to our client base in a timely and professional manner. We align ourselves with only the best and most reputable businesses to ensure seamless execution between client and the end product or service.

Our focus is to provide event management, cause marketing and corporate/team sales to those within our reach that require a high-quality product/service at affordable pricing. We are members of our community and have our office based on the Westside of Chicago in the North Lawndale community. We also partner with surrounding Chicago Public Schools and Douglas Park to provide community service and pro-bono services.